Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Walking ‘n’ Talking

This is one of my favorite pastimes…....'Walking n talking'. Whenever I feel sad, dejected, and a bit detached by the rest of the world........I prefer to do this rather than anything else. Recently I was passing through another bad phase n the external conditions were really bad (so at times like this i would want my internal conditions to be strong so that I can tackle the external problems properly) n although I love problems (as I feel that they help us to grow); sometimes I have to tell myself that even i am human. Anyways, as I was feeling bad, I called one of my old friends n did some of this "Walking n Talking" with him.
Believe me it works; I mean just imagine yourself at one of the best places of your city, a bit distant from the concrete jungle….....you are involved with Yourself n your having a nice little (or long) chat with an old friend (Well I would really prefer a girl friend…...but then for dealing with one problem…I cannot find another one!!!). Anyways, we had a nice chat n I started reflecting on myself, performing a sort of self analysis which I hardly do…....I mean, seriously speaking, how many times do we feel that we are wrong?
So after this self-analysis, I found that maybe I was wrong at some places…...may be I was too confident with my capabilities…...may be I was too involved in the 'I'! Well if I dig deep into it, I find that I'm not much of a hero; something which I always believed I was! So I accepted my faults, and believe me, I felt like I've been relieved from most of my problems…...something felt like a fresh breeze touched me an made me lighter…...much more calm an at peace with my inner-self! I don't know if it was the weather, the self-analysis or that 'Walking n Talking' but I felt more like a normal human being who was able to come out of the ' I '……..