Friday, June 30, 2006

Superman Returns!

Well It won't be wrong if I say that it was one of the most awaited movie from past few months! I guess the reason was the high budget, the concept, the star cast and some other stuff.
The concept of the movie is that the Superman (Brandon Ruth) Returns (Well if U don't know.....this is a sequel to the previous Superman Movies.....but they were made years ago....n so this one is a fresh one...with all new cast n crew!) after a period of around 5-10 years (nobody mentions the date n time n year anywhere......all is left for guessing!) from his planet Krypton. Now he finds that many things have changed....his Girlfriend, Lois Lane ( Kate Bosworth.....she's really gorgeous) is already living with a guy and is a mother. Also....she has won a Pulitzer Prize for writing a book
Why the world doesn't need Superman!. But still he finds that somethings never change......n as he comes back....we also find our Lex Luther (Kavin Spacy ) returns with a new evil idea!
The movie has some really good special effects......I guess the movie can also win an oscar in the special effect section. Also there are some good scenes. Also the emotional content of the story is good. About the actors.......both Brandon Ruth n Kate Bosworth are a treat to Ur eyes n justify their role. Kavin Spacy is good........don't compare anyone from the previous star cast n they are not bad. The movie relies more on their expressions then the words....n that part is handled nicely. Also some of the scenes are really well shot! Also the handling of a superhero (which is very important) is justified!
But then the overall movie is not that good. If U compare it with the close counterparts Spiderman n Batman....I guess its like Batman......good but not very good! The problem lies in the overall story lineup. The story is a bit slow, not that gripping and at sometimes it just stands still. I guess people expected a some more pace and action from a superman movie! Also......I was simply unable to guess the time period which they were one point....they show people in the cars of 70s n 80s (may be older then that) n then they even show a boy taking a pic from a camera phone. The buildings are old and some other stuff are new! There are many
time loopholes like this. Also I always wonder are the people so dumb that they cannot even get a slight hint that Superman is Clark Kent as they look exactly same (But I guess that's the loop hole of the original story!). Also some of the scenes are really illogical.
Anyways, the overall problem with the movie is that the movie does not live up to the least for a guy like me who expects a lot from a comic hero movie!
So all said and done....I'll give 6/10. Watch this movie but don't keep expectations. Some of U might like it....some of U won't. Enjoy movies!!!!!