Friday, June 30, 2006

Superman Returns!

Well It won't be wrong if I say that it was one of the most awaited movie from past few months! I guess the reason was the high budget, the concept, the star cast and some other stuff.
The concept of the movie is that the Superman (Brandon Ruth) Returns (Well if U don't know.....this is a sequel to the previous Superman Movies.....but they were made years ago....n so this one is a fresh one...with all new cast n crew!) after a period of around 5-10 years (nobody mentions the date n time n year anywhere......all is left for guessing!) from his planet Krypton. Now he finds that many things have changed....his Girlfriend, Lois Lane ( Kate Bosworth.....she's really gorgeous) is already living with a guy and is a mother. Also....she has won a Pulitzer Prize for writing a book
Why the world doesn't need Superman!. But still he finds that somethings never change......n as he comes back....we also find our Lex Luther (Kavin Spacy ) returns with a new evil idea!
The movie has some really good special effects......I guess the movie can also win an oscar in the special effect section. Also there are some good scenes. Also the emotional content of the story is good. About the actors.......both Brandon Ruth n Kate Bosworth are a treat to Ur eyes n justify their role. Kavin Spacy is good........don't compare anyone from the previous star cast n they are not bad. The movie relies more on their expressions then the words....n that part is handled nicely. Also some of the scenes are really well shot! Also the handling of a superhero (which is very important) is justified!
But then the overall movie is not that good. If U compare it with the close counterparts Spiderman n Batman....I guess its like Batman......good but not very good! The problem lies in the overall story lineup. The story is a bit slow, not that gripping and at sometimes it just stands still. I guess people expected a some more pace and action from a superman movie! Also......I was simply unable to guess the time period which they were one point....they show people in the cars of 70s n 80s (may be older then that) n then they even show a boy taking a pic from a camera phone. The buildings are old and some other stuff are new! There are many
time loopholes like this. Also I always wonder are the people so dumb that they cannot even get a slight hint that Superman is Clark Kent as they look exactly same (But I guess that's the loop hole of the original story!). Also some of the scenes are really illogical.
Anyways, the overall problem with the movie is that the movie does not live up to the least for a guy like me who expects a lot from a comic hero movie!
So all said and done....I'll give 6/10. Watch this movie but don't keep expectations. Some of U might like it....some of U won't. Enjoy movies!!!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Divide n Rule!

When many a students are getting steamed up with this reservation issue, at least I have something to thank…….nearly after 4 years of Engineering, now I know that one of my hostel roommate belongs to OBC an another one is from SC. I don’t know whether this should be funny or not, but I guess neither I bothered to ask them about their caste nor they gave it a thought of telling me.

I’ve always believed that Education is for all of us to get knowledge n maturity so that we can get come out of the boundaries like ‘caste n religion’. But I guess these demagogues have proven we wrong! Being an Indian I’ve always supported Reservations, coz I know that we are not from US of A where people don’t even need scholarships to study! Here in India, things are different. For making a society as dreamt by our great Father of the Nation, we need to take some steps so that the gap between the rich and the poor should get filled up instead of getting wider! For which we need reservations……but even a normal person with some common sense will understand that the issue is between the rich n the poor not the people from upper caste n lower caste.

I know that the people from lower caste have been suppressed from past many years due to the exploitations of the loop holes in the system by some jerks who feel that they have the right to decide what is right and what is wrong……but then we can never have law of raping a rapist’s sister coz our father of the nation said, “An Eye for an Eye and the whole world will go blind”!

I know there are some other problems also….but then if we can keep our hands on our heart n think on it, we’ll ourselves feel that it would be wrong. Instead of attacking the problem at the core, we are hitting it at those places at which some new problems will take birth! I mean just imagine the Muslims n Christians now coming on to ask for the reservations according to their population percentage. Also the students are now looking at others with an eye which discriminates between people from different caste! I guess the whole country is loosing its 'Secular' tag ..…..but then who has to be blamed for this? I guess our demagogues should think around hundred times before taking some stupid decision just to increase their vote bank!

I don’t know how much the world will change after this whole issue of reservations coz I guess only time can answer that. Anyways, I don’t think things at my hostel will change a bit…..I mean I’ll still share all my stuffs with my two room mates (Rather I’ll be dependent on them for my most of the work as I’ve always been) and I don’t think any cheap issue can stop me from missing the most memorable days of my life with some of my best friends…………

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Walking ‘n’ Talking

This is one of my favorite pastimes…....'Walking n talking'. Whenever I feel sad, dejected, and a bit detached by the rest of the world........I prefer to do this rather than anything else. Recently I was passing through another bad phase n the external conditions were really bad (so at times like this i would want my internal conditions to be strong so that I can tackle the external problems properly) n although I love problems (as I feel that they help us to grow); sometimes I have to tell myself that even i am human. Anyways, as I was feeling bad, I called one of my old friends n did some of this "Walking n Talking" with him.
Believe me it works; I mean just imagine yourself at one of the best places of your city, a bit distant from the concrete jungle… are involved with Yourself n your having a nice little (or long) chat with an old friend (Well I would really prefer a girl friend…...but then for dealing with one problem…I cannot find another one!!!). Anyways, we had a nice chat n I started reflecting on myself, performing a sort of self analysis which I hardly do…....I mean, seriously speaking, how many times do we feel that we are wrong?
So after this self-analysis, I found that maybe I was wrong at some places…...may be I was too confident with my capabilities…...may be I was too involved in the 'I'! Well if I dig deep into it, I find that I'm not much of a hero; something which I always believed I was! So I accepted my faults, and believe me, I felt like I've been relieved from most of my problems…...something felt like a fresh breeze touched me an made me lighter…...much more calm an at peace with my inner-self! I don't know if it was the weather, the self-analysis or that 'Walking n Talking' but I felt more like a normal human being who was able to come out of the ' I '……..