Friday, May 26, 2006

Thanks a lot!!!

Well seriously speaking.....the only reason to start this blog was to start something original. I mean I had 3 other blogs n things were fine...but most of my friends wanted me to give somethig original on the net.
Now apart from being a writer n a poet (although a naive n a very sloppy one!) I am a huge fan of good articles coz I believe that they make our day! So that's what my motive for the other blogs make people's day...but I guess I'm tempering with the meaning of the blogs...which always appriciates the original work.
I can say that coz I've hardly recieved any comment on the past 150 articles of 3 blogs and in this blog....I've got around 10 comments!!! I mean I'm really pleased and I want to thank everyone who has taken out time to appreciate my work. In fact this is the only reason I've also posted another poem "Progress" and I'm writing this "Thank You" note!!!
So thanks again for visiting my blogs....n all Ur views, suggestions n reviews are welcome!!!!

Nb: Also if possible leave a contact information so tht I can get back to U.