Friday, May 26, 2006


This was my first poem. This poem is based on the real incident which happened when I was coming back to my home from my Institute (I was in 11th Std.). This incident occurred at Lokmat square (A very prominent square at Nagpur!). I was on my bicycle and just when I reached there this thing happened. I was not able to do anything accept thinking about it.
As this poem is my first poem it is very special to me. I have come a long way after writing this poem. I have learned a lot with this hobby.
The poem is not so good in terms of language & vocabulary, but as I have said this was my first poem I was not so good.


One fine day driving my way
I reached a square.
But just when I reached, the lights
turned red & I had to stop there.
I looked at the front a little above me,
there was a flyover very long.
Big enough with vehicles on it
was looking beautiful & strong.
On my side, my eyes stretched wide
looking at building very high.
A man made structure, very huge
just touching the sky.
Skyscrapers, planes, industries & money,
everything we have got,
& I thought in this half century,
we have progressed a lot.

Suddenly a toddler, wearing no cloths
just came near me.
Indigent boy, crying & begging
was really pitiful to see.
Stretching his hand, he went to everyone
his situation was really bad.
What a life for this little boy
cogitating on this I really became sad.
What’s the use of this progress?
‘If the line between rich & poor
has broadened up, instead of becoming thin’.
Having this premise in my mind I saw,
the lights had turned green.