Friday, May 26, 2006

Thanks a lot!!!

Well seriously speaking.....the only reason to start this blog was to start something original. I mean I had 3 other blogs n things were fine...but most of my friends wanted me to give somethig original on the net.
Now apart from being a writer n a poet (although a naive n a very sloppy one!) I am a huge fan of good articles coz I believe that they make our day! So that's what my motive for the other blogs make people's day...but I guess I'm tempering with the meaning of the blogs...which always appriciates the original work.
I can say that coz I've hardly recieved any comment on the past 150 articles of 3 blogs and in this blog....I've got around 10 comments!!! I mean I'm really pleased and I want to thank everyone who has taken out time to appreciate my work. In fact this is the only reason I've also posted another poem "Progress" and I'm writing this "Thank You" note!!!
So thanks again for visiting my blogs....n all Ur views, suggestions n reviews are welcome!!!!

Nb: Also if possible leave a contact information so tht I can get back to U.


This was my first poem. This poem is based on the real incident which happened when I was coming back to my home from my Institute (I was in 11th Std.). This incident occurred at Lokmat square (A very prominent square at Nagpur!). I was on my bicycle and just when I reached there this thing happened. I was not able to do anything accept thinking about it.
As this poem is my first poem it is very special to me. I have come a long way after writing this poem. I have learned a lot with this hobby.
The poem is not so good in terms of language & vocabulary, but as I have said this was my first poem I was not so good.


One fine day driving my way
I reached a square.
But just when I reached, the lights
turned red & I had to stop there.
I looked at the front a little above me,
there was a flyover very long.
Big enough with vehicles on it
was looking beautiful & strong.
On my side, my eyes stretched wide
looking at building very high.
A man made structure, very huge
just touching the sky.
Skyscrapers, planes, industries & money,
everything we have got,
& I thought in this half century,
we have progressed a lot.

Suddenly a toddler, wearing no cloths
just came near me.
Indigent boy, crying & begging
was really pitiful to see.
Stretching his hand, he went to everyone
his situation was really bad.
What a life for this little boy
cogitating on this I really became sad.
What’s the use of this progress?
‘If the line between rich & poor
has broadened up, instead of becoming thin’.
Having this premise in my mind I saw,
the lights had turned green.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Story of Life

This was my third poem. I had written this poem after loosing in the finals of Antakshri Competition at SRKNEC in my First Year BE. I was very angry with myself. But I don’t remember what happened to me, I got motivated and wrote this poem. Previously that day I was giving excuse for loosing in that event. But then I read a quotation which was as follows: ‘Every success has a story and every failure has an excuse. Make a story of yourself.’

Then I got this concept in my mind and I wrote this poem. I wanted to be like this flower.

The story of life

Once somewhere in the deep woods,
some buds grew in a not so beautiful lake.
Most of them grew with a dream in their eyes,
which was about the destiny they had to make.

After a few days, when the dreams became faint
and reality became clear our story starts,
These buds give up one by one
and from their fellow friends they part.

We are ugly & the flowers in the near by shrub
are beautiful, some of them thought.
Some thought the amenities given to them
were not adequate & hence blamed the God.

Some gave up because they didn’t realize their potential,
didn’t realize they could grow.
For some the surrounding conditions were severe
t’was the reason enough for their lives to throw

But one amongst them was different from others
had faith in his eyes, was determined and willing.
Maybe he believed ‘happiness is not a state to arrive at,
but a manner of traveling!’

He was the only one to grow into a flower
and every morning the breeze gave him a kiss
And everyone who passed by the lake used to say
“How beautiful ‘lotus’ that is!”



Well I've been handaling 3 blogs and the only problem with them was....nothing was Original. So as the writer in me was cursing me like anything....I decided to make another blog....and the result is in front of U.

This blog would be a kind of diary for me......not so personal one....infact I would take public issues, topics, news, current issues and present my own view on it! So I guess that would be a bit "Original"! So hello blog I come!